Three Copier Issues That a Tech Can Help

For all the changes in document technology, the print business is still highly profitable. There are many reasons why reading a hard-copy document is preferable to reading one online, and your office or personal copier is still an essential piece of equipment. Copier repairs in Las Vegas can help you extend the functional life of your copier.

Copy Machine Features

People primarily use copy machines to reproduce documents. Documents can be text files, graphic images or photographs, and they can be rendered in black and white, or color. These days, even inexpensive copiers have many features that make document reproduction easy and efficient. Almost all copiers have an automatic feeder function that allows you to handle multipage documents without having to spend time repositioning an original. Many copy machines can also make double-sided duplicates that don’t require you to flip your document manually. Copy machines can also collate documents, which makes it easier to hand them out as packets.

Common Issues With Copy Machines

Like all equipment, copiers can develop issues from time to time. Here’s a look at some of the most common problems you may encounter when you’re using a copier:

• Paper jams: Sometimes you may be using the wrong-sized paper; other times, a glitch either in the software or the machine’s alignment is preventing your paper from loading properly. Most of the time, you can probably deal with this issue yourself. If, however, dust and debris is clogging the feed tires and other parts of your copier, calling a professional may be able to save you time and stress.

• Streaks and other artifacts in your copies: Streaking can be related to many different factors from a dirty scanner mirror to a malfunctioning drum unit. Your repair person will be able to troubleshoot your issue and perform the necessary fix.

• Wrinkled pages: You want business document copies to look crisp and professional. Wrinkling is typically caused by worn-out feed and exit rollers. You will probably have to replace the malfunctioning unit, and your copier service professional is the perfect person to turn to.