Learn about the essential maintenance services that office copy machines need in order to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible. These services can also reduce breakdowns and malfunctions of the copy center.

Benefits of Regular Preventive Maintenance for Your Office Copy Machine

The office copy machine is one of the most heavily used mechanical devices in most businesses. Many copiers also function as the printer, especially for large print jobs. Some offices even have copy machines that are multifunctional and act as the fax machine, printer and copier. Preventive maintenance and as-needed copier repair in Las Vegas can help to ensure that your commercial copy machine performs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Prevents Paper Jams

Paper jams are the most common problem that can occur in a copier. A paper jam can result from putting too much paper into the machine, using paper of the wrong thickness or size or improper loading of the paper. Problems with the machine, such as moisture or sticky residue can also cause a paper jam to occur. Regular maintenance of your copy machine can reduce the frequency of paper jams.

More Efficient Use of Toner

Toner for the copy machine can add up, especially if the copier is using too much of it due to paper jams and improper settings. Regular maintenance of the copy machine can help to maximize its efficiency, including how it uses toner. A clean machine will use toner more efficiently, so during a maintenance visit, the technician will clean all sensors of powder and dust. The glass and rollers will also be cleaned to improve the machine’s toner efficiency.

Less Energy Usage

Preventive maintenance of your copier also helps to lower its energy usage. While most copy machines are in standby mode when not printing or faxing, they do continue to draw electricity. Cleaning of the machine’s rollers, glass and sensors helps to lessen the amount of electricity that is consumed in active and standby modes. The vents of the machine will also be cleaned of dust so that the air can circulate around it and keep it cool to avoid common problems like overheating.