Copiers are some of the most expensive pieces of office equipment. It is vital that they be treated and maintained properly so that they work more efficiently and last longer. There are several simple tips you and your employees can follow to prevent needing to buy a new copier. These tips include maintaining the copier properly, using the right paper, and using the right ink. These may seem like simple, common-sense tips. However, most office workers do not follow these tips and many copiers fail well before their expected lifespan.

Ensure Routine Maintenance is Performed for Copiers

Every copier requires a certain amount of routine maintenance. How much maintenance depends on the make and model. The recommended maintenance intervals can be found in the owner’s manual. Many people do not even read the owner’s manual, and if they do they don’t follow the recommended intervals. Even some that do attempt maintenance at the recommended intervals try to manage it themselves. This is not a good idea. You should hire professional copier repair Las Vegas people to carry out the service properly.

Use the Right Paper

Many people do not listen to the copier’s manufacturer when they say to use only the paper specified in the copier manual. The manual usually specifies a certain weight of paper. Many different brands are acceptable, but copiers work better with the right weight of paper. Paper that is not within the range of acceptable weights may clog up the copier, which will reduce the life of the parts. It may even break the parts if it is a particularly bad jam. Using the correct paper can double the copier’s life.

Use the Right Ink

Using the right ink may be even more important than using the right paper. A copier’s inkjets are perhaps the most delicate part of the mechanism. They are the most likely part to wear out or break. It is very important that you use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. There are many off-brand and recycled ink cartridges available. They may work for a while, but they will shorten the life of your copier. They may even cause it to break down. In the end, the few bucks that you say from buying off-brand ink is not worth the cost of buying a new copier.