two women hanging up a poster with a medium font size

What Size Font Will Convey Your Message on Signage?

When it comes to creating a sign, not many people take into consideration the amount of effort that goes into choosing the font size for it. This is because font can play a big role in how your message is received or if it’s read at all. Therefore the following includes detailed information regarding the process of choosing the prize size font for your sign.

The Options of Lower and Upper Case Size Font

When choosing a font, you will first need to decide if you’re using upper or lower case words. If you’re placing your sign within a street where the speed limit is high, the lower case is the way to go. This is because lower case words are much easier to read at a fast speed, and thus the reason many street signs are created with lower case words. Now, if your signs pertain to a warning sign or even a campaign poster, upper case is usually the go-to option. Upper case conveys authority, and therefore it is taken more seriously.

Clean and Visible Font

Choosing the wrong size font will not only prevent people from reading the message, but it can look downright messy. This is why even if you choose upper or lower case words, the letter size should also be considered. For example, most vehicle license plate letters will use a font size of 79mm tall. This is done to ensure that the letters are visible from far away. If you are having any issues with this function of your printer, then it is recommended to seek printer services in Las Vegas to ensure that the job is done correctly. Note that spacing between letters should also be taken into consideration. Not having enough space around the text can make the message difficult to read.