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Tips for Consistent Address Stickers and Labels

Printing address stickers should be easy, but sometimes it presents problems like not working with the label sheet or being inconsistent. This will give you several best practice tips to ensure your labels come out great each and every time. These tips are easy to use and only require small changes for a big effect.

Use the Same Address Sticker Sheets

One of the best things you can do is use the same sticker sheets for all your address stickers. For example, there might be two different sheets for envelope labels with the same number of stickers. One brand’s page might have a slightly different layout that will make your labels print incorrectly.

Stick with the same printed labels whenever possible to ensure you don’t have to adjust the computer template when making labels. Not only that, but sometimes using various types of templates might mess with the printer and require moreĀ copier repairs in Las Vegas.

Consistent Theme and Font

If different people are tasked with printing the labels and they have free reign over the creation, then each person might use slightly different themes or fonts. This can create inconsistent printing. It might even interfere with your brand’s image if it’s associated with certain fonts.

It’s best if you pick a specific theme and font to be used with your labels. This will ensure that they all look the same. While you might sometimes want to change the theme for holidays or special occasions, it’s best to use a standard one throughout the year.

Using Logos

Many top brands are instantly recognizable because of their logo. You might want to add your logo to the side of the label to help customers better recognize your business. This also makes it seem more professional than receiving a letter with a text-only label. It shows more commitment to your brand and makes the label look significantly better.