Simple DIY Copier Repairs for Your Home or Office

People associate the expression “do it yourself” to different things depending on your experiences. If you do decide to take care of some basic copier repairs at your home or office, you’ll potentially save time and money. Here are a few simple copier repairs you can usually complete on your own without a hitch.

Replacing the Toner

Replacing an empty toner tray isn’t copier repair, per se, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make your copier repair and maintenance a breeze. If the printer notifies you that your toner cartridge is low, just pull the old cartridge out and place in a new one. Disposing of your old cartridges in an eco-friendly way makes the job even more satisfying.

Clean and Tidy

Keeping your machines neat and organized helps to lower the chance of a major malfunction and needing to call an expert on copy machine repair in Las Vegas. Paper has the tendency to generate an astonishing amount of debris flecks and dust that, if built up, lower image quality and printer functionality.

You can make sure the dust gets maintained by wiping the copy glass with a microfiber cloth or other gentle material. Compressed air could also be used to blow out small particles from the paper trays, glass and moving components. Ensure the hole punch receptacle is also getting emptied on a consistent basis to prevent difficulties.

Handling Jams

Jams in copy machines can certainly be aggravating. If they happen a lot, it’s probably best to let an expert find the cause and perform a copier repair. Carefully pull the paper from the paper tray, close the doors and look for any mistakes in your copies after the machine has resumed printing.