A modern copy machine can last for about three to five years. However, you can extend the life of your machine by taking care of it correctly and hiring a professional repair service to perform routine maintenance.

Maintaining Your Office Copy Machine

All types of commercial enterprises, from small, start-up companies to large corporations, require documents to be replicated to support their business operations and development. Copy machine equipment is an essential component of everyday business life, regardless of the nature or industry of any particular company. This is why maintenance is so important to ensuring that your copying equipment continues to produce efficiently.

Equipment Repair Services

For your Las Vegas business, you’ll benefit from developing a business-client relationship with a copy machine service like Sunrise Office Systems, to perform routine maintenance or handle emergency repairs. There are also additional measures that you can take to help keep your equipment running properly and avoid making regular repair calls.

Carefully Load Paper Into the Machine

Quickly skim through large batches of paper to make sure that there are no folds, creases, paperclips or staples. This will help prevent paper jams. Carefully load the correct type of paper, weight and size into the machine and position the locks accordingly. Do not overload the machine with paper as this may cause a misfeed and potentially damage the printer. If you continue to experience persistent paper jams, a copier technician can locate the underlying issue and perform the necessary repairs.

Use the Correct Toner and Ink

Locate the model for your printer and use compatible cartridges. You should also replace it often before the ink completely dries to ensure that the copy machine produces the best results for your printing projects. The wrong toner and ink cartridges can cause damage to your printer. If the toner augers break, the powder could spill inside the machine and damage other equipment and paper. When this happens, a copier technician can perform a professional cleaning to clear the clog.