Is All Printing Paper the Same?

When you’re staring at a whole rack of printing paper, it can be easy to think that they all look the same and thus provide the same result. The reality is that although most printing paper is meant for the same things, they will also all provide you with a different end-result. The following includes a list of paper options and how they all differ from one another.

Multipurpose Printing Paper

If you’re working within a large company, you’re likely to come across something called multipurpose printing paper. Companies use this as it is relatively cheap to purchase and, as the name suggests, can be used for just about everything. However, because of the cheap quality of paper being used, it will also produce very low-quality printing jobs.

Ink-jet Printer Paper

If you’re working or studying from home, you’re likely going to have more of a choice in the type of printer paper that you use. Obtaining printer paper that is compatible with ink-jet printers will provide you with high-quality prints. This is especially important if you’re a student needing to print multiple papers throughout the year. The paper, along with the ink-jet technology, makes reading the words on the paper very easy.

Copy Paper

If you’re simply looking to copy an existing document, then copy paper is your best bet. Copy paper is much thinner than other types of paper and thus not ideal for bigger jobs. Like the other types of paper on this list, there are several quality types on hand thus it is important to seek the advice of a copier repairs Las Vegas company to ensure that you’re getting the best one for your particular job.

Laser Printer Paper

If you’re looking to print images, then you’re likely to run into some problems with an ink-jet printer. Laser printing paper provides you with incredible images as it does not allow the ink to smear like that of an ink-jet. It should be noted that some laser paper is very similar to multipurpose paper, and thus one should avoid going with the cheapest option.