5 Ways to Speed Up Your Next Printing Project

If you’re out of the office or away from campus, then you know how tedious it can be to start on a large printing project. Home printers simply don’t have the capabilities to go through such large projects with a few breaks in between. The following includes five ways to speed up your next printing project.

5. Planning Your Printing Project Ahead of Time

If you know that your printing project will be big, it is important to plan for it ahead of time. This means researching what type of paper and the amount/type of ink you’re going to need. In addition, you may also take the time to have a copy machine repair Las Vegas company observe your printer to see if it’s in the right condition for such a large job.

4. Check and Double-Check Your Material

Before you hit the print button on your computer, it is important to ensure that there are no issues with your content. Your printer might only be able to handle one large project, and thus having to re-print everything due to errors can really delay your schedule.

3. Utilize Apps Instead of E-mail

Fortunately, innovations in technology have allowed printers to connect directly to our phones via an app. If you’ve proofread your content and are ready to print, then you may utilize your printer’s app to begin the printing project immediately. This will provide you with your material the minute you arrive at your home.

2. Going the Digital Printing Route

If your home printer isn’t up for the job, then your next best option is to go with digital printing. This is when you send your content to a company that uses an ink-jet type printer (but much larger) to provide you with quick and high-quality prints. It should be noted that these are usually only used for printing jobs that require 100 prints or less.

1. Expect Delays

As the saying goes, “Another way to be prepared is to think negatively.” Think of what can go wrong during the process and be prepared for it. For example, having enough printer paper on hand in the event that you are required to print more than what you thought.