Too much dirt and grime can really affect the functionality of the copier as well as its appearance. Here are a few steps to take to clean it properly.

How to Clean Your Copier for the Best Results

If you work from home or at a busy office, then you know that your copier does quiet the amount of work throughout the day. It can be easy to make your copies and leave. This often leads to the copier being neglect and thus accumulates dirt. This can hurt not the copier not only aesthetically but in terms of functionality. Therefore, the following includes a step by step process to thoroughly clean your copier.

When You Clean Your Copier, Turn It Off

Yours and the safety of others must be the number one priority. Therefore, before you apply anything to the copier, make sure it is turned off. Note that you should also place the electric cord away from any liquids or the actual electric outlet.

Remove the Dust First

Using a damp cloth, begin to remove as much dust as possible from the copier. Begin your dusting from the top to the bottom as it will naturally want to fall to the ground. It is imperative that you damp the cloth only as spraying can damage the copier severely, and thus, you will certainly have to contact a company that can provide a copy machine repair in Las Vegas to fix more than just the aesthetics of the copier.

Focus on the Glass Plate When You Clean Your Copier

If you’ve been noticing dark lines on your paper, then the glass plate might be the issue. Dirt, grime, and leftover ink all cause these types of lines when printing. In order to clean it, you must once again utilize a damp cloth. Spray a small amount of water or window cleaner on the cloth, NOT the glass.

Paper Tray and Toner

A great way to avoid having dust and ink enter the machine is to vacuum it. Vacuum the paper tray as dirt and other debris can get into it when putting more paper. Your toner receptacle should also be vacuumed as toner bottles are known to leak small amounts of ink during replacement.