Your Printer’s Lifespan and What You Can Do to Help It

When purchasing office equipment, it is always good to know the lifespan of your equipment and what sort of maintenance is required to keep it running in tip-top shape. When you are prepared with this information, you can purchase equipment that works best for your office and performs quality work, while saving you money.

This notion also applies to your office printer. Read on to learn about what determines your printer’s lifespan and what you can do about it.

What Determines Your Printer’s Lifespan

All printers come with different specs that can point to how long your printer will last. Generally, most laser printers last between 3 to 5 years, but your printer’s health depends on how often it is used and maintained. Each printer comes with a duty cycle, which tells you how much it can print monthly without any problems. Depending on how much printer paper is printed daily compared to its duty cycle can signal the health of your printer. At the same time, monitoring your printer’s health also helps determine your printer’s lifespan. These days, most laser printers are equipped with monitoring devices that notify you of your toner levels, part replacements needed, and other specifications that help prolong your printer’s life.

Maintaining Your Printer

If you do notice your laser printer’s quality beginning to decline, it is very important to know what maintenance needs to be done to help your printer’s lifespan. For one, always replace parts when your printer notifies you. Parts like the printer’s drum and toner need to be replaced routinely for the printer to work. Also, always try to remove dust and debris from the printer. Dust and debris tend to cause jams and other printer problems. Luckily, scheduling printer and copier repairs in Las Vegas when needed will help keep your equipment maintained and working efficiently.

All in all, whether you use your printer for huge projects or only a few times a month, knowing your printer’s lifespan is determined by both its use and its care can help you purchase the perfect printer for your office.