Independent Insurance Brokers: Use 3 Simple Tools For Marketing

Most people are familiar with insurance agents who represent an agency, but they’re often not sure what an independent insurance broker does. While a captive insurance agent primarily works for and represents the interests of an agency, an independent insurance broker works for themselves while primarily representing the interests of their clients.

They are licensed by state boards to offer advice on various types of insurance products for a variety of insurance carriers, while also selling policies. While independent brokers have far more latitude in what they can sell and how much money they can generate, they also bear the responsibility of performing their own marketing.

For brokers who are just starting out, they might want to use inexpensive marketing tools to generate sales leads.

Promotional products help to spread awareness

There’s no need for a broker to order boxes of expensive promo products when a few boxes of pens or pencils will initially work.

Writing instruments can be left at public places where customers need to use pens. They can also be distributed at local businesses where customers might pick them up.

Business cards are a must

With so many digital print companies competing for business, there’s no reason for a new broker not to be able to buy an initial order of business cards for a steeply discounted price!

There’s also no reason for a new broker to spend too much money on graphics, fancy lettering, or fancy grade paper. A simple white or cream colored card with standard black lettering does the job. The classic card design also looks classy and professional.

Print flyers for distribution

Finally, a new broker can take advantage of simple flyers in order to generate leads. A simple trip to their local office supply or big-box store will allow the broker to find inexpensive reams of paper.

But while the cost of paper is reasonably priced, the cost of printing services are becoming more expensive! In the long run, it’s more cost efficient to purchase a refurbished copier from a company that also provides printer services Las Vegas. This will allow the sales person to create simple marketing materials any time they wish, for different lead segments.