Reasons for an Overheating Copier in Your Office

The copier in your office is one of the most important pieces of equipment that your workers use every day. If it constantly overheats and shuts down, you’ll waste time waiting for it to cool down and restarting the machine again. Looking at some of the top causes of copier overheating can help you talk more effectively with repair techs to decide what you need.

Not Enough Space

Many offices are so tight and cramped that you wind up moving the copier to a corner or another area and surrounding it with other equipment and machines. This keeps the copier from releasing the warm air that it produces when making copies, which can make it overheat. As the internal temperature of the machine rises, it may even shut itself off.


The features on commercial copiers change with each passing year. While you don’t need to replace yours every year, you will need to keep an eye on its age. A copier will usually only last for seven to ten years. Once it gets a little older, you’ll notice it becoming temperamental and it won’t respond as quickly as it did before. A copier repair in Las Vegas may help you update that copier with some new software to keep it from overheating or suggest that you upgrade to a newer model.

Overall Use

You shouldn’t expect your copier to perform well when each person in your office uses it a few times every hour. The more workers that use it, the more the copier has to struggle to keep up, which can lead to it overheating. Taking a short break and asking that workers use printers instead of copiers might solve this problem, but taking a break may lead to the copier acting sluggish later. When you have an overheating copier, it’s best to get some help finding the exact cause of the problem.