Marketing With Flyers: Offline Marketing Tactics That Still Work

With all of the focus being placed upon digital marketing strategies that include social media and Google Adwords, you might think that offline marketing strategies don’t work anymore.

But in fact, some small and local businesses find that digital marketing doesn’t always work for their needs or their budgets. That’s why simple guerrilla marketing tactics such as handing out flyers still works. Here’s a few simple ways to get your marketing message out to masses who are waiting to read what you have to say.

Put together a street team

Street teams refer to groups of people who are specifically hired to do nothing more than pass out flyers at busy locations. For example, if you walk up and down the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll see no shortage of guys handing out all sorts of notices and cards advertising services in the area.

The best thing about putting together a street team is that it’s easy and cheap to do. There’s plenty of college students and out of work contractors-for-hire who need a quick way to earn money. Handing out marketing media for your business helps to make everyone happy.

Go to community events

Consider the industry of your business, and then consider the type of potential customers you’d like to attract. Next, look in your local papers for community events where you might find your potential customers.

Crank on your copier machine, queue up reams of paper, then start printing! The best thing about printing up your own marketing media is the immediacy of receiving your finished work. If you need to add or take away verbiage on your flyer, then you can immediately make the change on your computer and walk it over to your copy machine.

Hit apartment complexes and subdivisions

Some properties specifically forbid solicitation, but if you can partner with property teams that allow you to distribute marketing ads, then you’ve got a built-in audience for what you’re advertising.

By the way, you can save money on your project by purchasing reams of paper made from recycled paper. You should also purchase a refurbished copier machine. You can buy the latter from a company that specializes in copier repairs Las Vegas.