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How Modern Offices Are Using Remote Print Services

A trend in area business is taking advantage of remote print services in Las Vegas. With remote access, your business machines are no longer just a fixed resource. Your employees and vendors have access to them from anywhere throughout Nevada and even the country or the world. There are four common scenarios in particular in which modern businesses are using remote access to do more while away from the office.

Off-Site Document Retrieval

MPS may be best known for its ability to reduce cost-per-page, but MPS is also able to enhance information security by closing the potential flaws that copiers and the like present. With remote access, employees can access the same document retrieval mechanisms they’d use standing at a printer in the office. That means that any access control would also be active, and they’d need to have the appropriate privileges to be granted the requested information.

Off-Site Document Printing

With the capability to retrieve documents comes the ability to print those documents locally. Imagine a scenario in which a client didn’t receive a document and requests it during a visit. Remote access to MPS provides a streamlined means through which you can print that document locally as if it were stored locally. Certainly, there are other options as well, but this is one of convenience that doesn’t circumvent any of the other MPS mechanisms you may have in place.

Local Printing Initiated Off-Site

Another advantage remote access provides is the option to initiate local print jobs off-site. If you become aware of a thousand-page print job while out of the office, for instance, you could queue that project now and set a priority level, deadline and so forth so that the print job gets finished is the most efficient manner possible and without your return to the office.

Alerts and Notifications

Among the best benefits of managed print services is awareness of your system in real-time. If there’s a hardware malfunction, a network issue or a security violation, you know about it as it happens. With push notifications to mobile devices, you can be alerted and notified as these events occur through email, SMS or other means via smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.