What to Do After a Power Outage at Your Business

A storm, accident or sudden power surge could result in a loss of power at your business. An unexpected outage or surge could cause considerable damage to the electronics. If you suspect that any pieces of equipment are damaged, be sure to schedule prompt copier repair in Las Vegas.

Unplug All Electronics

If the power is still out once you arrive at your business, unplug all of the electronics. Unplugging the electronics reduces the burden on the transmission lines once the power is restored. Taking the time to unplug each item also helps to prevent additional damage that could result from an unexpected power surge when the electricity comes back.

Reset the Circuit Breakers

You might also need to reset the circuit breakers after a significant power outage. A loss of power could cause a circuit breaker to shut down certain circuits. When the power is restored by the utility company, a surge of power could also shut down one or more of the circuits on the breaker. If you are unsure of how to deal with a circuit breaker, it is a good idea to contact a licensed and certified electrician to do this for you.

Check All Equipment for Problems

Once the power is restored to your office building, check all of the equipment for problems. Be thorough and methodical, checking each device. Be sure to check the copy machine, fax machine and all computers, servers and routers. If you suspect that there are any problems with the copier or any other piece of equipment, contact the repair technicians for prompt and reliable service and repairs. Having the certified technicians make the repairs to the copier helps to ensure that the equipment’s warranty will be valid. You might need the technician’s assessment for any insurance claims, too.