Primary Features to Look for in a Copier

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, a copier is one of the most important tools in any company since it performs such common office tasks as copying original documents and creating materials that can be used for marketing. Whether you’re buying a copier for your business or merely leasing one, you’ll want to make sure it includes all of the latest features. Your best bet may actually be to repair your existing copier. In that case, a specialist in copier repair in Las Vegas can help you. If it’s time for a new copier, here’s some tips on selecting the best one for your company.

Paper Capacity and Sizes

One of the more important aspects of a copier is its paper capacity and size. In regard to paper capacity, the number that’s best for your business depends on the size of your company. For instance, small businesses might be able to make do with a standard copier that comes equipped with a paper capacity of 100 in the tray and around 250 within the cassette. Larger corporations should consider an advanced copier that supports a capacity of 2,500 sheets. For paper size, you’ll want a copier that accommodates several different paper sizes, from ledger to legal.

Total Output

Total output is the single most important factor to be aware of when selecting a new copier for your office. In essence, total output refers to the volume of printing in your office each day. More advanced copiers that are multifunction and support both fax and printing will be able to handle a larger printing volume better than a smaller basic machine. Ascertaining the print speed for the copier you’re considering will allow you to determine if it can handle the volume of printing in your office. Make sure to allow about 15% to 20% capacity to account for future growth. Many modern copiers have a page-per-minute speed of around 15–100. The larger your business, the higher the PPM should be.

Hard Drive

There are times when you won’t have an original document on hand but will want to print copies of a digitally stored document. With some copiers, this isn’t possible. However, a large number of modern copiers come with a hard drive that will store and transfer your documents when necessary, allowing them to be easily accessed in the future.