Why Is Your New Toner Cartridge Different From the Last?

What happens when that toner replacement arrives and looks different than the cartridge you were using?

Starter Cartridges

Were you using a starter toner cartridge? Manufacturers often sell printers at aggressive prices in the hopes of securing long-term profits from supplies. One way that they reduce those initial costs is by including a low-yield cartridge that is often referred to as a starter. These are generally not sold separately and only with new equipment, so it is not unusual that your replacement would differ.

Branding Changes

Be mindful that most printer manufacturers do not have a unique toner cartridge model for each printer model. Each cartridge model will generally be suitable to at least several printer models and perhaps six or even a dozen. What matters is the cartridge number. If that is correct, then you do not have to worry about changes to the logo, color, size or even the shape.

Off-Brand Toner Cartridges

Manufacturers naturally recommend using toner cartridges made by them. There are off-brand solutions too. Many are quite viable, but off-brand sometimes gets a bad rap due to generic products that are poor quality and actually degrade your machine over time. Check your MPS agreement. Providing you with high-quality off-brand toner cartridges that are less expensive may be how your provider was able to deliver this service at the price it did.