When your office copier breaks down, your office production levels drop. It is important to keep your copier repaired so business does not stop.

A Broken Copier Can Stop Productivity

If your business depends on its copy machine to print important documents, it is important that you keep it well maintained. Having your machine out of order for three or four hours while you are waiting for the copy machine service tech to arrive and complete the repairs could cost your company a significant amount of business. To avoid this type of situation from occurring, it is recommended that you perform preventative maintenance on your copiers so that they continue to run when you need them most.

Streaks, Spots, and Light Copy Areas

One of the most common complaints about an office copy machine is the quality of the prints. Without notice, streaks, spots, or blank areas can appear on the copies, making the documents useless. This generally occurs when the toner developer is no longer in quality condition. A copier tech can easily fix this issue. Changing the developer and checking all of the moving parts inside of the copier is a standard part of the routine maintenance that is performed on the machine.

Continual Paper Jams in the Machine

Another common cause for service is when the machine continually jams the paper. Before calling a tech, check the paper that is in the machine. Sometimes the glue used on the wrappers will get on the paper and make them jam in the machine. Fanning the paper before placing it in the machine can eliminate this issue. Also, always try to put the paper in the machine face up. If you look at the wrappers of most paper reams, there will be an arrow indicating which side of the paper should face up. This is less of an issue, but it may help. If neither of these tips solves the problem, you may need a repair tech to come and check your rollers and other moving parts to see if something is broken.

When your copier runs well, so does your office. To avoid emergency repairs, always schedule preventative maintenance on the machine to keep it working properly.