Why You Should Get Genuine OEM Toner Instead of Generic

Whether you have a printer for professional or personal use, it’s wise to use OEM or original equipment manufacturer toner. This is a product that printer manufacturers make for specific models. Although it’s pricier, there are good reasons to go with OEM toner over generic.

OEM Toner and Quality

Generally speaking, if your main concern involves photo quality, you should always aim to use OEM. The genuine cartridges are meant to be used with the specific printer model you own, which always equates to higher quality output. This is especially true of photos. Not only do they look better with the real thing, but they also tend to maintain that quality over time.

Better Design

OEM toner cartridges are made to fit your particular printer model. As a result, they are designed better and are more durable overall. If you decide to skip using it to save a few bucks, generic toner might be problematic because its design is not necessarily suited for your printer. This can result in lower quality output as well as potential issues for your printer such as breakdowns. Generic toner also won’t last as long as OEM.

No Warranty Issues

Another problem you might think you have with generic toner is that you may very well void the warranty on your printer if a problem arises. Although this is not true, repairs can be costly if you run into a printer issue due to generic cartridges. On the other hand, issues that arise with OEM are typically much lower in cost.

Higher Price Tag

Obviously, if you are going with OEM instead of its generic counterpart, you can expect a higher price tag. However, in the long run, the higher cost benefits you; the OEM product has a longer lifespan, which means that you get your money’s worth. This is something to keep in mind when you seek managed print services in Las Vegas.

These are great reasons to get OEM toner instead of generic.