shutterstock_710096761Three Tips for Successful Marketing With Printed Color Flyers

Flyers have been used for many decades by business owners and entrepreneurs who want to attract the attention of consumers. When those flyers are professionally printed at a center for printer services in Las Vegas, they will look great and generate plenty of positive feelings from people who read them. Here are three tips for successful marketing with printed color flyers.

Determine Your Priority

People have short attention spans. They will not read through paragraphs of small text on a piece of paper that you give to them. When determining what to go on your flyer, set one or two priorities. Maybe you want to market your driveway sealing service during the spring and summer months of the year. Your flyer should include the service, your contact information and one or two reasons why people should choose you, such as your experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Choose a Simple Style

Stick with one typeface on your flyer. Make it big enough to read. Consider full color or any images or logos that you want to include. Use a bigger typeface size for your business name and contact information so that people will notice these important details. Select a text color that is easy on the eyes. A dark color such as black or navy blue provides excellent contrast against a white background.

Distribute at the Right Time and Place

Make sure that you give out the flyers at the right time and place. For example, people walking around at an amusement park will not be able to carry your flyers. Sticking them under windshield wipers creates clutter and annoys people. A busy Saturday morning at the local farmer’s market might be a better option. People will have a bag to put the flyer into and will be more receptive to your sales and marketing.