Great Growth Expected for Managed Print Services Industry


Many expected a future of paperless offices, but printing remains a crucial need for almost all businesses. Managed print services are meeting that need quite well and thus continue to grow.

Market Experts Expect Sharp MPS Growth Through 2024

There was a time when even industry experts were forecasting the paperless office as the future, but that future never came to be. Paper usage overall probably did fall, but the manner in which businesses were still printing on-site remained integral to their success. In the meantime, managed print services in Las Vegas and throughout the country were helping companies meet those needs in a more cost-efficient manner.

MPS Market Expected to Expand by 14.8 Percent

A recent industry analysis published by Transparency Market Research indicates that the current industry trend is 14.8-percent growth over eight years. That’s 1.85-percent growth per year, which is phenomenal and a number not deemed particularly aggressive by independent experts. If this forecast comes to pass, that means that the industry will have grown by $94.97 billion.

The Factors Driving Growth

Most modern businesses operate in highly cost-sensitive environments. Managed print services offer cost benefits that reduce operational costs across all printing activities. In addition, these services provide benefits beyond those direct savings. There are indirect savings from streamlined printing workflows, monitoring and control of equipment and so forth.

Growth Through Greater Awareness

There’s also the matter of growth through greater awareness. In the earliest days of print services, mid-sized companies seemed to be the sweet spot. Many large corporations felt they could perform more economically with in-house solutions, and many small businesses deemed managed solutions not practical for them. According to industry statistics, most publicly traded corporations now outsource printing services, and the small business pool is growing by multiple percentage points each year.

Distributed Overhead

There are numerous reasons behind that growing awareness, but perhaps none is more important than the industry’s expanding ability to distribute overhead. By distributing overhead across larger pools, including companies and industries that are quite different, individual costs can be kept quite low.

Increase Productivity With Quality Equipment and Employee Satisfaction


When you provide your employees with ergonomic furniture and quality office equipment, they’ll not only be safer, but they’ll also be able to be more productive. Additionally, it’s important to build a work environment centered on cooperation for more effective communication and better employee retention.

How to Maintain a Productive Office Environment

There’s more to productivity than just putting in longer hours. In fact, there are some simple things that can actually help energize your employees, which can lead to increased productivity and better retention rates. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee. Whether it’s providing free soda and coffee or making sure employees feel like a valuable part of the company, providing the right work environment is important to maintaining a productive office.

Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture

When you provide ergonomic furniture and accessories for your employees, you not only reduce the risk of injury, but you also reduce employee absences while boosting morale. Of course, a comfortable work environment can also help employees stay productive for longer periods of time. Additionally, with fewer missed days, you’ll be able to ensure the highest level of productivity from your team members.

An ergonomic workstation is a great way to ensure your employees have a safe and healthy place to do their work. You can choose from ergonomic office chairs as well as arm supports, keyboards, and adjustable desks.

Keep Office Equipment in Good Repair

There’s nothing that can impact productivity as quickly as office equipment that is not working properly. It’s important to make sure that equipment is serviced on a regular basis. When you need a fast copier repair in Las Vegas, a company like Sunrise Office Systems can help. Experienced repair companies have technicians who are experts at fixing all types of copiers, even those vintage models you’ve had around the office for several years.

Emphasize Teamwork and Cooperation

Another excellent way to help improve office productivity is to create an atmosphere of cooperation. Whether it’s recognizing individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty or having lunch catered in on a Friday afternoon, employees like to feel like they matter.

When you provide a quality workplace environment, your employees will be happier and more productive. Of course, that means everyone wins.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Workspace in Tip-Top Shape


By keeping your office free of dirt, dust, and germs, you’re helping your employees, your expensive office equipment, and yourself.

3 Reasons to Maintain a Clean Office Environment

If you’re in charge of keeping your office clean, you know how challenging it can be. From smudged keyboards to dusty equipment, dirt can quickly accumulate, even if you use a professional cleaning service. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep your workspace in tip-top shape.

Healthy Employees

If you don’t keep your office clean, it can affect the health of employees. Dust can trigger allergies, and unclean equipment can spread germs. If you don’t want your office mates calling in sick, make sure that the workplace is dust-free. You can take a variety of measures to stop the spread of illness. Try installing hand sanitizing wall dispensers in the break room, for example. If you keep the office clean, you’re sure to be rewarded by an increase in productivity and general well-being.

Efficient Equipment

Dusty equipment doesn’t merely make employees sneeze. It can also impact the efficiency of the equipment itself. For example, when airborne dust gets inside of the paper path, rollers, or filters, it can cause everything from paper jams to overheating problems. To reduce equipment failure, it’s important to keep it clean. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the outside of the machine, and clear the paper path regularly to ensure high-quality copies. If you’re dealing with a problem you can’t fix yourself, however, turn to a professional copy machine service. They can help you with the routine maintenance you need to keep your equipment running appropriately. Copy services can also extend the life of your equipment.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

It’s not just your employees who have to come into the office every day. You also have to interact with clients, business contacts, and more. If you want to make a great first impression, it’s better to maintain a clean, professional-looking office. To ensure that every person who walks into your workspace is impressed by its professionalism, maintain healthy cleaning strategies. Your employees, your office equipment, and every person who walks through the door will thank you for it.

Should You Print or Copy Those Papers?


In this age of technology, it’s all about making sure you’re efficiently using the time you have. So, when it’s time to look at the printer versus the copy machine, it’s a little challenging to figure out which one is the better choice.

To Print or To Copy? That is the Question

Out of all the office equipment options available, two of the most popular machines are the printer and the copier. Both are equally helpful and have their place in an office building. However, it’s important to take a closer look at which machine is more useful for certain tasks and whether you need both machines in the workplace. Perhaps there is one machine that can efficiently do the tasks of both.


The printer is helpful for creating copies because it can print multiple copies of a document. However, a printer uses a lot of ink. If you’re only printing one sheet for use, a printer is the best route to go with. If you like to print a lot of work in color, a printer might be the better option. It’s important to remember that you’ve got to keep money aside for the paper and print cartridges. If you’re just printing copies for your personal use, a simple desk printer will suffice.

Copy Machine

If you’re in a large office space and you’re copying material for a lot of people, the copy machine will save you a lot of time. Copy machines are created to print off a lot of paper at a quick speed. One of the drawbacks involved with keeping a copy machine on hand is that most companies lease their machines. Leasing a copy machine is no inexpensive feat. The bill for a copier lease can easily run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.


If the expense involved with leasing a copy machine is too much, consider enlisting the help of a copy machine service. This is a great way to still get your copies completed without the high rate of a lease. It’s also a great way to outsource one of the larger tasks your office personnel completes. The printer is still a great asset to keep on hand, but if you’re outsourcing a large portion of the work, fewer people will need access to a standard printer.

Outsourcing for Productivity and Purpose


Outsourcing allows employers and employees to narrow their focus, become more productive and increase the bottom line. Print services and janitorial services are great ones to start with.

Two Services Your Company Should Purposefully Outsource

Running a business is a lot of hard work. As an employee, it can be difficult to manage the balance between work life and the rest of your life. As an entrepreneur, it can easily be a full-time juggling act. Well, one of the best ways to manage your time involves outsourcing. When you utilize the power of outsourcing, you simultaneously free your mind and time from the stress of certain responsibilities. As an entrepreneur that manages an office building, there are two services you should place at the top of your list for outsourcing.

Janitorial Services

Whether you like it or not, the office needs to be cleaned. Depending on the level of foot traffic you have in your building, the office might need to be cleaned twice a day. As papers, dirt and lunch trays pile up, an office space can become a junkyard very quickly. Consult with a few other local offices and ask for their janitorial service recommendations. Once you find a good fit for your company, sit down and work out a contract that includes the specific details you’d want. For example, if there’s a certain organic hand soap you’d like stocked in the bathroom, let them know. If you’d prefer cleaning sprays that are eco-friendly, make sure to work that type of detail out in advance.

Print Services

Even most paperless companies deal with a certain level of paper on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking for a company to produce brochures for an upcoming conference or you need large posters created for the office decor, consult a company that provides printing services. Leasing a large printer or copier can typically run upwards of thousands of dollars every month. If you’d like to forgo this hefty expense, get rid of the in-house machine. Hiring a company to do your print services Las Vegas will be convenient and cost-effective in the long run, and you’ll be able to alleviate your workload.