Lifespan of the Modern Business Copier

The managed print services Las Vegas businesses have available to them emphasize minimizing total cost of ownership. This is true whether you lease or purchase your multifunction printer, but if you buy rather than rent, there is an additional layer of concern. When leasing, you know precisely how much a piece of equipment will cost in the end, but when purchasing, it depends on how long that hardware lasts.

Stress Testing and Duty Cycles

In order to provide you an estimate of performance and longevity, manufacturers perform stress testing. Such testing lets them come up with a duty cycle, which is the number of pages your machine can handle over a specific period without paper jams and other issues and while avoiding undue wear and tear. You should choose your printer based on the volume per month you require and what it can handle.

Lifespan: The Duty-Life Cycle Relationship

Duty cycle is also presented as the total pages one can expect prior to the final failure, the point at which it is better to replace the machine than correct it. Such estimates assume that you are scheduling regular maintenance per manufacturer recommendations. If you have a managed print service, it will likely be overseeing it. If you opt for a printer rated for 1 million pages, your life cycle will differ if you print 100,000 pages a month as opposed to 10,000.

Maintenance and Repairs

Modern copiers and other business machines can and often do outperform their life cycle ratings. This is thanks in large part to embracing managed print services. An MPS provider not only ensures that regular maintenance is performed per manufacturer specifications. Your provider can perform proactive repairs. Particularly with parts that will eventually fail, timing replacement in advance of that failure rather than being reactive not only saves money in the short-term but extends the life of the machine.