The Best Paper Color for Your Print Job

When you use managed print services in Las Vegas to keep your copiers and printers in top working order, you can be sure that the ink on every page you print will be crisp and clear. What’s the best way to showcase that smooth, bold ink? For a print job that really pops, it’s important to choose the right paper color.

White Paper

When you are working with colored ink, white paper is almost always the way to go. Pairing colored paper with colorful ink can result in text and graphics that look muddy. It would be a shame to take the time to carefully design a flyer or handout that looks great on the screen, only to find that it leaves a rather halfhearted impression once printed.

Another advantage of white paper is that it is cheaper than colored paper. The cost of colored paper can be at least twice that of white, and colored ink is more expensive too. Pick one or the other. Print on white paper when using colored ink and save colored paper for jobs with black ink.

Pastel Paper

When you are going to print on colored paper, some of the first shades that come to mind may be light blue, pink, yellow, mint or beige. These soft shades are the best paper colors for reading.

Small studies have demonstrated that students’ reading comprehension is increased when text is printed on colored paper instead of white. The same principle may apply to your intended audience. If you want to make sure that they understand your message, deliver it on a sheet of pleasantly colored pastel paper.

Bright Paper

Bright colors, especially neon, are ideal for when you really want to grab attention quickly. Consider important road signs, which are done in black and yellow. When you print on colored paper, you can be sure to catch your customers’ eyes.

Reading small text on a bright background can be hard on the eyes, however. Save your brightest papers for bold signs and posters that require only a brief glance.