Are Managed Print Services Worth It for Small Businesses?

Printing and copying are tasks that most businesses must do—even the smallest ones. There are many printer services in Las Vegas available to these organizations. Such services are often managed, which means that the provider takes an active role in projecting usage, distributing overhead, calculating costs, lowering expenses and so forth. Services like these are not just for large companies, and many small businesses are benefiting from them as well.

Managed Print Services: The Assessment

MPS often begins with a comprehensive assessment. As a small business owner, you will get an insightful look at your equipment, software, volume and expenses. Many SBOs mistakenly think that their volume is too low to benefit. This is rarely the case because MPS providers that specialize in small businesses are able to combine the buying power of clientele in order to benefit them all.

Selecting and Maintaining the Equipment

Small businesses also benefit because the provider can choose the hardware and software, configure it, maintain it and perform as-needed repairs. If you opt to lease, the equipment is included with the service, which means you will know your monthly financial obligation, and there will never be surprises.

Automated Replenishing

MPS alleviates many mundane tasks associated with maintaining an office. Your provider can deliver toner, paper and other supplies automatically. In fact, since your provider monitors and projects usage, you will receive these supplies as they are needed, which is quite efficient.

Remote Print Management

Another substantial advantage of MPS is the setup and maintenance of remote print capabilities. You can have access not just to your printer but your entire document management system from your smartphone, laptop or other mobile device. You will have such access even when off-site, and remote print can also be set up to allow your provider to perform some maintenance and provide some tech support without having to be there in person.