Four Features of Copiers That Often Aren’t Used Enough

The copy machine repairs in Las Vegas businesses often require can often be avoided by taking advantage of remote monitoring and diagnostics. Your copier can probably track its own health and even notify you or a service provider when something is a little off. That’s not all sophisticated copiers can do, and there are at least four other features you should use.


Duplexing isn’t actually that new. Even older copiers could duplex, which is a process by which a copier can print on both sides of a sheet. Still, it often goes underused. Industry statistics suggest that more than 60 percent of all copies are discarded the same day they’re printed, and using duplexing for all but the most important documents could significantly curb paper and toner usage for many businesses.

Partial Copies

Copiers also have a feature that lets you select a certain area of a page to be copied and crop others. Selected areas can even be enlarged so that they’re easier to read or more prominent on the page. This is a great option when a graph or similar object is your focal point.

Save to Document

Today’s copiers are actual scanners with built-in OCR capabilities. OCR stands for optical character recognition. It means that your copier can actually recognize characters, and that lets it save the pages it scans as many different types of documents, including PDF and Word files.

Send To

Another powerful feature is sending. Copiers can use the OCR capabilities mentioned above to create emails that it then distributes to a mailing list. This can even be set up to occur automatically. Imagine a scenario where an office manager scans a vendor invoice each week. The copier recognizes the document, converts it to text and emails it to a list of relevant managers.