Office Copy MachinePrinter is Slow to Warm Up

The digital era of the 21st century, offices and all printing companies need efficiency when it comes to printing their documents. Thus it is advisable that a good choice is made when purchasing of any printing device.  Printers vary when it comes to warming time; that is the time between when the printer is switched on through the time it is ready to print.    Though printing speed and quality may be excellent, a slow printer warm-up time may be too annoying to deal with.

These three earned notoriety for being the slowest.  If you are unlucky enough to have bought one, time to reconsider a new investment.

• Canon PIXMA MX922 wireless color printer with scanner, copier and fax
• HP Color LaserJet CP601de printer
• Canon MX870

My Copy Machine Takes Too Long To Warm Up

The answer has to do with how printers operate.   Slow warming printers are typically the result of the fuser taking its time to heat to manufacturers temperature requirements.  The fuser is used to melt carbon powder onto the printing paper; also explaining the reason why fresh copies come out of the printer feeling warm to the touch.
Fusers that take a while to warm up indicate that it is wearing out.  Sunrise Office Systems recommends that fusers be checked regularly for faulty operation.  Further, if it’s power source is delivering low power, it significantly delays a fuser’s warm-up time.

The Electronic Panel Display Takes Forever to Appear

On a printer, the electronic display might takes a while to appear before you can begin to press commands.  This is caused by the time taken by the printer to make a static charge on the printing paper and the data to be printed. When the charge is made on the printing paper, the toner propels onto to the paper. Slow heating of the fuser slows the melting of toner thus delaying electronic display.

Weak Internet Connection Delays Response Time 

Weak wireless connections for printers may delay the response time. Wrong router configuration settings or poor internet connection affects the consistency of data sent to the printer and therefore a delay or error occur during the response.  A strong internet connection is required in order for a wireless printer to operate effectively.

Quality Printing Service at Fast Speeds

When it comes to printing,  speed is essential.   A good printer should be reliable enough to print quality documents at a faster speeds. Different printers have varying warm up time, but a printer with faster warm up time is the best for your business to continue running smoothly.  If you’ve encountered problems with a slow printer, let our technicians help you determine if it’s an easy fix or time for a new machine.