Toner cartridges in pink, blue, and yellowFor those clients that pay a monthly fee and are under a service contract or that purchase toner from us, please train your staff to look out for toner fraud. These companies call up and try to get information about the copier from the person that answers the phone. They mislead them into thinking they are the company that services your machines. Just recently, a handful of clients called us to see if we invoiced them for toners. We will only invoice for the monthly service contract since the toner is already included.

What your staff needs to know:

  • Only answer questions from Sunrise Office Systems regarding the copier or printer that you have.
  • Never give out the make and model number of the machine to anyone else except for Sunrise Office Systems.
  • Call Sunrise Office Systems back to make sure it was them who actually called and asked you these questions.
  • Never sign for any toners or supplies unless it is from Sunrise Office Systems.
  • Never sign for any invoices unless it is from Sunrise Office Systems.

It’s important that everyone is aware of these potential issues. If you have any questions about your invoices, toner cartridges, or you just want to learn about copy machine repair in Las Vegas, call Sunrise Office Systems today.