Three Common Copier Issues


Three Copier Issues That a Tech Can Help

For all the changes in document technology, the print business is still highly profitable. There are many reasons why reading a hard-copy document is preferable to reading one online, and your office or personal copier is still an essential piece of equipment. Copier repairs in Las Vegas can help you extend the functional life of your copier.

Copy Machine Features

People primarily use copy machines to reproduce documents. Documents can be text files, graphic images or photographs, and they can be rendered in black and white, or color. These days, even inexpensive copiers have many features that make document reproduction easy and efficient. Almost all copiers have an automatic feeder function that allows you to handle multipage documents without having to spend time repositioning an original. Many copy machines can also make double-sided duplicates that don’t require you to flip your document manually. Copy machines can also collate documents, which makes it easier to hand them out as packets.

Common Issues With Copy Machines

Like all equipment, copiers can develop issues from time to time. Here’s a look at some of the most common problems you may encounter when you’re using a copier:

• Paper jams: Sometimes you may be using the wrong-sized paper; other times, a glitch either in the software or the machine’s alignment is preventing your paper from loading properly. Most of the time, you can probably deal with this issue yourself. If, however, dust and debris is clogging the feed tires and other parts of your copier, calling a professional may be able to save you time and stress.

• Streaks and other artifacts in your copies: Streaking can be related to many different factors from a dirty scanner mirror to a malfunctioning drum unit. Your repair person will be able to troubleshoot your issue and perform the necessary fix.

• Wrinkled pages: You want business document copies to look crisp and professional. Wrinkling is typically caused by worn-out feed and exit rollers. You will probably have to replace the malfunctioning unit, and your copier service professional is the perfect person to turn to.

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Benefits Professional Print Machine Forecasting Offers in Las Vegas


3 Advantages of Professional Copy Machine Forecasting in Las Vegas

For some business fields, copying and printing is still the norm. While you may view digital versions of documents and correspondence, for a variety of reasons, you may still be required to print and organize hard copies. If your business lands in the legal, accounting or government fields, for example, your printing and copy machines probably still get a workout. Here are three benefits hiring professional print and copy machine technicians, including copy machine repair in Las Vegas, to forecast your needs offers.

Save Money

When your copy machine gets a daily workout, it means that you are incurring costs on a daily basis. You have to keep up with the machine’s maintenance, parts and supplies. When you hire technicians from copy machine repair in Las Vegas to forecast your printing and copying needs, you are going to save money. Once they gather information about the machines your staff utilizes, how often they operate and the number of copies and prints they make, they can offer reliable forecasts. With these forecasts, you can avoid surprises. Avoiding surprises is how you save money.

With forecasts in hand, you can time supply purchases with sales and discounts, which help you remain within your budget.

Save Time

After you receive a forecast from technicians who specialize in copy machine repair in Las Vegas, you are going to save time. No longer will your office manager be surprised when the toner has to be replaced in the middle of a big print job. Now that the print and copy supplies and parts are fully stocked, replacing and restocking parts and supplies takes minutes instead of hours.

Scheduled Appointments

Forecasting helps professional copy machine repair in Las Vegas schedule maintenance appointments. The goal is to prevent expensive repairs from occurring because they are prevented. Timely maintenance also saves your company time and money.

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A Guide to Making the Perfect Poster


Making the Perfect Marketing Poster for Your Business

If you are looking for printer services in Las Vegas, you may be a business that depends on local marketing to share news about events or special offers. Strategically placed posters can help you in that effort. For a poster to be effective, it has to be noticeable. Simple choices about paper, images and overall simplicity can get customers looking at your information.

The Power of Color

If you are posting on a public notice board, your information can get lost in a sea of white paper and black ink. Potential customers will lose your message as it blends in with all the other surrounding notices. Simply printing on a colored piece of paper can make your poster stick out. The eye will be drawn to the bright, yellow spot surrounded by white. You can bring even more contrast by using colored ink. For instance, blue ink on yellow paper is far more noticeable than black ink on white.

Use Memorable Images

It is simple to put images on a poster. Publishing software allows you to do it with drag and drop ease. Yet the point of an image on a poster is to evoke a feeling and make the poster memorable. Cluttered posters are forgettable. If there is too much information to process, the customer will just move to the next poster. Find one or two memorable images that represent the message, allowing for some empty space in your design.

Less Is More

Posters are only part of a marketing campaign. A good poster will create a customer response. While it can be tempting to put all the information about an event on a promotional poster, this can be overwhelming for the consumer. Instead, provide absolutely necessary information on a poster that includes a link to online promotional information. The consumer can digest the full information in his or her own time rather than trying to take it all in at once.

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The Benefits of Managed Print Services


Why You Need Managed Print Services

When it comes to running a business, the last thing that you want to be bothered with is faulty, malfunctioning printing equipment. But when your printing devices are offline, then so is your business. There is no bigger waste of time than broken printers and copiers that stop you and your employees from getting your work done. When something does go wrong, you are often left trying to fix the problem yourself or are left calling around, trying to find someone who can fix it. That’s why every business, including yours, needs managed print services in Las Vegas.

Up Your Productivity

With managed print services, you can be assured that all of your printer and copier needs are taken care of in an efficient and speedy way. For one, managed print services will make sure that you never have to waste time trying to troubleshoot printer or copier malfunctions. That means your employees won’t have to stop work or stand in line at the one working printer. Managed print services can also come up with a better configuration of your office space and equipment so that your productivity goes up and can get you the best technology for your needs.

Managed print services can also save you time when it comes to managing all your equipment, including taking care of all your toner and ink needs, replacing equipment, and can function as your all-in-one service for your printers and copiers.

Stop Bothering Your IT Department

Often, when a printer acts up, you turn to your IT department, because they are the only ones that can help solve the problem. But your IT department has more important tasks to do, including keeping up with your network security, managing your email servers, and completing important tasks. The last thing they want is to be pulled away to change toner or fix a paper jam. And, really, you’re not paying your IT employees to be printer repairmen. Managed print services will free up your IT department by taking care of any and all printer and copier issues.

Total Maintenance

You know well how expensive printers and copiers can be, and that means that you want to make sure that you take good care of them so that they last. But the more you use a copier, the more problems you will encounter. Managed print services can complete routine maintenance on all of your machines. And when any printer or copier needs to be replaced, they can get you a good deal and recommend the best new machine for you.

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Use Flyers for Offline Marketing


Marketing With Flyers: Offline Marketing Tactics That Still Work

With all of the focus being placed upon digital marketing strategies that include social media and Google Adwords, you might think that offline marketing strategies don’t work anymore.

But in fact, some small and local businesses find that digital marketing doesn’t always work for their needs or their budgets. That’s why simple guerrilla marketing tactics such as handing out flyers still works. Here’s a few simple ways to get your marketing message out to masses who are waiting to read what you have to say.

Put together a street team

Street teams refer to groups of people who are specifically hired to do nothing more than pass out flyers at busy locations. For example, if you walk up and down the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll see no shortage of guys handing out all sorts of notices and cards advertising services in the area.

The best thing about putting together a street team is that it’s easy and cheap to do. There’s plenty of college students and out of work contractors-for-hire who need a quick way to earn money. Handing out marketing media for your business helps to make everyone happy.

Go to community events

Consider the industry of your business, and then consider the type of potential customers you’d like to attract. Next, look in your local papers for community events where you might find your potential customers.

Crank on your copier machine, queue up reams of paper, then start printing! The best thing about printing up your own marketing media is the immediacy of receiving your finished work. If you need to add or take away verbiage on your flyer, then you can immediately make the change on your computer and walk it over to your copy machine.

Hit apartment complexes and subdivisions

Some properties specifically forbid solicitation, but if you can partner with property teams that allow you to distribute marketing ads, then you’ve got a built-in audience for what you’re advertising.

By the way, you can save money on your project by purchasing reams of paper made from recycled paper. You should also purchase a refurbished copier machine. You can buy the latter from a company that specializes in copier repairs Las Vegas.

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