How the Industry Is Changing Copy Machine Usability


Some would argue that copy machine technology has been stagnant for a decade or more, but there are upcoming innovations that should shake things up.

How Copy Machines Are Becoming More User Friendly

Although computer technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, the same cannot be said for many business machines, such as copiers. Sure, the control panels are more sophisticated, but for the most part, what a copy machine service technician needs to know today is much the same as what he or she needed to know a decade ago.

Copy Machines Will Be Better at Self-Diagnosis

Many modern copiers do have some form of self-diagnosis on board, but that technology has remained relatively basic for a long time. Perhaps the motivation to advance it wasn’t there, but that’s changing now that 3D printing is playing such an integral role in many evolving industries. 3D printing isn’t the same as traditional printing services, but advances are bleeding over in a similar way that advances in NASCAR can make their way into production vehicles.

Printers Will Be Smarter

If smart printer isn’t already a marketing buzzword, it will be soon. Smart printers, like any other smart device that supports automation, will be able to monitor, analyze and adapt. Manufacturers are already introducing business machines that turn off at night, turn on and heat up in advance of employee arrival, go into a lower power state during non-peak periods and even phone home with diagnostics.

Printers Will Print Faster

Manufacturers are already introducing machines that can achieve 75 pages per minute and are affordable for the small business. Ten years ago, even most corporations didn’t have printers that could print this fast. This is just the beginning. Several recent breakthroughs in micronization will allow for home units that outclass best-in-class business machines from just a decade ago.

The Cloud Will Power Copiers

Imagine copiers that have little onboard processing but instead offload it to the cloud. Well, stop imagining because they’re already here. Even small units can process like they have the latest in onboard technology, and the cloud can process, diagnose and even self-correct faster than what you’re likely used to.

Saving Pennies Per Printed Page


As printing volume increases, cost per page becomes a much greater concern, and there are simple steps an office can take to reduce that cost by as much as pennies per print.

Lowering Per-Page Printing Costs

Per-page printing costs may be largely irrelevant when an office is only printing a dozen or so pages a day, but as printing volume increases, so does the importance of cost per page. After all, saving just a penny per copy is $10 in savings for every 1,000 sheets. Fortunately, there are some basic steps that offices can take to limit those per-sheet expenses.

Reduce Printing Overhead

The first step is to lower overhead, which includes equipment costs, maintenance, repairs, paper, toner cartridges, electricity and more. A common way that Las Vegas offices tackle this problem is through managed print services. By using managed print services in Las Vegas, businesses can ensure that they’re using modern, well-maintained equipment at a low cost. Costs for maintenance and supplies are lowered, and this can affect per-page cost dramatically.

Purchase Paper and Other Supplies in Bulk

Small businesses often operate on tight budgets, which can make the prospect of buying in bulk daunting. Nevertheless, while it may take some clever budgeting to make that first bulk purchase, subsequent purchases will become easier due to the savings. Businesses that buy paper in advance for an entire quarter can save a penny or more a sheet.

Reduce Your Printing Obligations

In other words, print less. It may seem obvious, but as your print volume rises, any unnecessary print jobs become a much greater consideration. One way to reduce your printing obligation is to take advantage of the cloud or integrate a document management system. If employees, vendors and clients can have the documents they need on their mobile devices, your number of print jobs will reduce.

Consider Making Printing a Department

Small businesses often have communal printers that everyone can use, but this approach can become inefficient as print volume rises. It’s often more efficient to have someone who’s responsibility it is to manage this equipment and to handle print requests on a prioritized basis.

The Causes of Streaks When Copying


Streaking is one of the most common causes of copier repair calls, and the problem can often be traced back to some rather basic issues or bad habits.

Why Your Copier Is Creating Streaks

One of the most common reasons copier repair in Las Vegas is required is streaking. Copier streaking can be light or dark and thick or wide, but in any case, it causes a distraction at the very least and makes the print unsuitable for distribution at the very worst. If streaking is a recurring problem, that issue can usually be traced to one of four root causes.

Inadequate Cleaning

A dirty printer is the most common cause of streaking. Copiers collect dust and other contaminants that build up and can even form a sludge-like material. If the corona wire is caked with this sludge, for instance, then it will create the streak whenever it applies the charge to the paper. Having your copier cleaned professionally on a regular basis should avoid streaking due to dirtiness, but a basic cleaning by office staff once a week is also a good idea.

Toner Issues

If your copier isn’t dirty, then the most likely culprit is the toner cartridge. Always replace your cartridge when warned of low toner. That should avoid most issues. However, it’s possible that your cartridge became dirty faster than usual or has a manufacturing defect. Clean the cartridge and reinstall it. If that doesn’t work, then replace the cartridge with a new one.

Paper Quality

Another possible cause of streaking is paper quality. If the paper isn’t the correct size or type for the system, then it won’t charge correctly and will warp while moving thereby causing streaking. Even if your paper is the right type and size, it’s possible that there was a manufacturing error or that paper quality diminished due to excessive moisture or another issue.

Hardware Malfunction

If you’ve exhausted the three earlier possibilities, then the root cause likely is a hardware malfunction that will require the attention of a professional copier technician. If the drum unit is malfunctioning, for instance, that prevents the copier from transferring the image cleanly, and the result can look a lot like the streaking caused by a dirty toner cartridge.

Four Ideas for an Eco-friendly Office

Even small offices with several employees affect the environment, and with just a handful of tweaks, those offices can be more in tune with the world around them.

Fostering a Greener Office

Being environmentally friendly in the workplace is so important that large corporations are creating environmental management systems to govern business behavior. While a full-scale EMS may be a bit much for the small, local office, similar principles can be used to make an office greener, and in most cases, this is about changing habits and not spending more.

Commit to Proper Recycling

A small office can create more waste than the average home, which is why it’s imperative to ensure that recyclable materials are discarded properly. The simplest step is to have separate containers for plastic, paper and so forth, but where the average office is most likely to misstep is in the discarding of electronics. Never discard electronics with the trash, and speak to your waste management service and the town in order to learn about the free disposal options available to you.

Manage Your Printing and Copying

Printing, copying, scanning and similar activities are another area of great waste for many offices. Perhaps the easiest way to curb that waste, and actually lower costs in many cases, is to take advantage of managed print services in Las Vegas. Managed printing helps reduce your environmental footprint through reduced use of paper and ink, through lessened energy consumption and lowered waste output.

Switch to a Document Management System

Small offices can actually consume more paper and other office supplies than large offices because large offices generally have the advantage of a document management system. A DMS gives employees concurrent and accurate access to the documents they need for reading and editing without the use of paper, ink and host of other supplies.

Consider Remanufactured Equipment

Whether you lease or purchase your equipment, remanufactured is an excellent option because remanufactured equipment can provide great cost-savings and can require 90 percent or more less resources to create. Remanufactured equipment generally goes through the same quality control processes, and leading manufacturers often provide similar warranties.

Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Copy Machine


A modern copy machine can last for about three to five years. However, you can extend the life of your machine by taking care of it correctly and hiring a professional repair service to perform routine maintenance.

Maintaining Your Office Copy Machine

All types of commercial enterprises, from small, start-up companies to large corporations, require documents to be replicated to support their business operations and development. Copy machine equipment is an essential component of everyday business life, regardless of the nature or industry of any particular company. This is why maintenance is so important to ensuring that your copying equipment continues to produce efficiently.

Equipment Repair Services

For your Las Vegas business, you’ll benefit from developing a business-client relationship with a copy machine service like Sunrise Office Systems, to perform routine maintenance or handle emergency repairs. There are also additional measures that you can take to help keep your equipment running properly and avoid making regular repair calls.

Carefully Load Paper Into the Machine

Quickly skim through large batches of paper to make sure that there are no folds, creases, paperclips or staples. This will help prevent paper jams. Carefully load the correct type of paper, weight and size into the machine and position the locks accordingly. Do not overload the machine with paper as this may cause a misfeed and potentially damage the printer. If you continue to experience persistent paper jams, a copier technician can locate the underlying issue and perform the necessary repairs.

Use the Correct Toner and Ink

Locate the model for your printer and use compatible cartridges. You should also replace it often before the ink completely dries to ensure that the copy machine produces the best results for your printing projects. The wrong toner and ink cartridges can cause damage to your printer. If the toner augers break, the powder could spill inside the machine and damage other equipment and paper. When this happens, a copier technician can perform a professional cleaning to clear the clog.