Ways to Stay Relaxed and Productive at Work


It’s tough to be productive at work when you’re constantly stressed out. By staying organized, keeping the office machines running well, and getting rid of distractions, anyone can have a relaxing day at work.

3 Ways to De-Stress Your Office Environment

Whether it’s due to lack of organization or long hours, the office environment can easily become a stressful place. With a few tips and tricks, however, even the most demanding offices can become a bit more relaxed. Keep reading to learn how to de-stress your office.

Stay Organized

If you’ve ever spent twenty minutes looking for the right manila folder, you understand the stress caused by disorganization. Taking a moment to de-clutter your space is sure to save you a few headaches. First, get rid of everything you don’t use on a consistent basis. Throw out the papers that haven’t been touched in three years. Give all of your office tools a proper place, and remember to return them to the right drawer when you’ve finished using them. Once your desk is clean and organized, it’s time to tackle the hard part: keeping it that way. To make sure new clutter doesn’t accumulate, set an alert on your phone reminding you to clean your desk once a week. Soon you won’t even need the helpful buzz of your cellphone to keep you on track.

Get Rid of Distracting Noise

Nothing stops productivity in its tracks like noise. If you find your anxiety rising when the office gets too loud, consider taking steps to reduce the noise. Buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which will make the distracting background noise disappear. You could also invest in a white noise machine, which offers soothing sounds that may keep you relaxed during a long workday.

Keep the Office Appliances in Top Shape

There’s nothing more stressful than a broken office appliance. Keep your printers, copy machines, and computers running well by hiring a professional maintenance and repair service. Choosing a quality copy machine service, for example, ensures that your machines will run better for longer. There’s nothing quite so relaxing as knowing no one in the office will have to page through the user’s manual the next time the copy machine goes on the fritz.

Save Money on Printing with These Helpful Tips

Don’t waste money on the office printer. With a few budget friendly measures, any office can make their printer cost effective.

3 Ways to Make Your Printer Cost Effective

If you’ve ever been in charge of buying toner and ink cartridges, you know that the costs can add up quickly. If your office is looking for a budget friendly approach to printing, there are a few ways to save money without sacrificing quality. Here are a few tips sure to help your office with its printing needs.

Change the Print Mode

For important documents, printing in high-quality black and white or color mode is the only option. When you’re printing everyday memos and documents destined for the recycling bin, changing the print mode can help you save ink. Draft mode, for example, uses substantially less ink than the default mode, and can potentially double the life of your ink cartridges. Greyscale mode can be used when you don’t need to use the colored ink.

Use Paper Wisely

If you don’t try to limit your paper usage, you can end up running through reams at an impressive pace. Try printing on both sides of the paper to minimize paper waste. This saves paper and time. You can also reuse pieces of paper that have only been used on one side. As long as they’re not bent or damaged, you can put them back in the paper tray and use them to print drafts on the opposite side. You should also make sure to configure your paper settings to the paper being used. This will help to minimize unnecessary ink wastage.

Managed Printing Services

To ensure that your printers are never in need of toner or replacement parts, consider hiring professional print services in Las Vegas. Using one company for all of your printer needs will save you time, energy, and money. You won’t run out of toner at inopportune times, or discover that the printer is broken just when you need to print two dozen copies of the company’s quarterly report. Keeping the printer running smoothly and the office well stocked with toner is a financially responsible decision in the long run.

3 Ways to Improve Your Copy Machine Manners


Keep your copier running great by instituting a few rules of etiquette. By keeping the area clean, being polite about paper, and fixing minor issues, any workplace will be improved.

A Quick Guide to Copy Machine Etiquette

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know that minor etiquette infractions can take a toll on workplace morale. To ensure that your office runs smoothly, it’s important to observe a few unspoken rules of conduct. Everyone in the office uses the copier, so it’s important to have rules about maintenance and use. Keep reading for copier etiquette tips sure to keep your office running smoothly.

Be Polite About Paper

The first rule of copier etiquette is to never leave the paper trays empty. After you’ve finished your copy job, take a look at the paper trays and make sure there’s a sufficient amount. Even if you didn’t use the last sheet, it’s common courtesy to replenish a dwindling paper supply. If you used out of the ordinary paper for your copy job, such as thick paper or colored paper, make sure to remove any extra sheets from the paper tray. The next person to use the copier may not be pleased to discover that they copied the quarterly financial report on bright pink card stock.

Keep It Clean

Copiers can be fickle, so it’s important to treat them with care. Always make sure that the area near the copier is clean, and refrain from drinking and eating in the copier room. If you make copies you don’t need, don’t just leave them scattered about. Collect your paper trash and recycle it if possible. Also, remember to pick up any sticky notes, staples, or paper clips you removed from your documents before copying them.


When a copier has an issue or breaks, copier etiquette becomes even more important. If the flashing icon starts to blink in the middle of a copy session, don’t just ignore it. Those signals usually indicate that the toner needs to be changed or there’s a paper jam that needs to be fixed. If you can fix the issue, do it. If the issue seems more complicated, alert the office manager. They’ll know where to find copier repair in Las Vegas to resolve tricky copier problems.

Standard Issues That Adversely Affect Printers and Copiers


Having a better idea of the problems that can affect business printers helps to prevent them in the future and understand when repair services are necessary.

Common Problems That Can Affect Office Printers

Office printers are oftentimes essential to the ongoing success of a business. Because of this, those instances where the printer isn’t working as it should can dramatically slow down productivity and become exceedingly frustrating to deal with. Understanding more about what the most common problems are with office printers can assist you in preventing these issues in the future.

Slow Printing

One of the most common problems with office printers is simply poor printing time. This is especially common with printers that use Wi-Fi. If a computer is placed far away from the main router, the printer might not pick up the signal as quickly as it should. This issue can be annoying when just one document needs to be printed. However, when numerous computers are suffering from slow printing, the delays can quickly add up.

Poor Print Quality

Another problem that office printers can be affected by is poor print quality. There are several reasons as to why this problem might exist. For instance, the HP on the inkjet printer might not be able to accommodate your printing needs. If you have a laser printer instead, the issue could be caused by incorrect settings. The toner cartridges might also not be responding as they should. No matter the reason, making use of printer maintenance on a regular basis can identify the issue before it causes too many issues with productivity.

Jamming and Ink Issues

Most modern printers will warn you when you are low on ink. However, if you want to avoid the usual delay with waiting to print anything until you’ve picked up some additional ink, consider keeping a cartridge or two on hand in case of an emergency. Jamming issues are also common. If the problem is continual, it could be due to paper misalignment, over-filling of the tray or any number of other reasons. If your office printer isn’t working correctly, managed print services in Las Vegas can save you time and money.

Toner Fraud – Train your staff to be on the look out

Toner cartridges in pink, blue, and yellowFor those clients that pay a monthly fee and are under a service contract or that purchase toner from us, please train your staff to look out for toner fraud. These companies call up and try to get information about the copier from the person that answers the phone. They mislead them into thinking they are the company that services your machines. Just recently, a handful of clients called us to see if we invoiced them for toners. We will only invoice for the monthly service contract since the toner is already included.

What your staff needs to know:

  • Only answer questions from Sunrise Office Systems regarding the copier or printer that you have.
  • Never give out the make and model number of the machine to anyone else except for Sunrise Office Systems.
  • Call Sunrise Office Systems back to make sure it was them who actually called and asked you these questions.
  • Never sign for any toners or supplies unless it is from Sunrise Office Systems.
  • Never sign for any invoices unless it is from Sunrise Office Systems.

It’s important that everyone is aware of these potential issues. If you have any questions about your invoices, toner cartridges, or you just want to learn about copy machine repair in Las Vegas, call Sunrise Office Systems today.