The Financial Implications of Copy Machine Repair

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Why You Should Spend Money On Copy Machine Repair

A copier can be an important part of helping your business run smoothly. For instance, you may need to keep multiple physical copies of an employment document or multiple copies of a vendor contract on file. You may also prefer to give employees paper copies of a presentation as opposed to sending it via email. If your copier breaks, making necessary repairs can have financial benefits for your business.

The Repair Bill Could Be a Tax Write-Off

Generally speaking, the cost of the repair work is often considered to be a business expense. Therefore, paying a professional to perform copy machine repair Las Vegas services could result in a lower tax bill. If you have already depreciated the machine for tax purposes, the government could try to recapture a portion of that depreciation if you try to donate or sell it instead of fixing it.

Your Employees Will Get More Done

When employees have access to the tools that they need to get their work done in a timely manner, they tend to be more productive. When employee productivity is high, it is easier for a business to increase revenue and profit margins. By fixing a key tool that workers use each day, they won’t feel frustrated or stressed on the job. Stress can lead to burnout, which can lead to errors or a general malaise that could spread through the entire organization.

You Don’t Have to Buy a New Copy Machine

Generally speaking, repairing a copier is less expensive than buying a new one. Therefore, the company has a chance to save money that can be used to give employees a raise or on marketing efforts to draw in new customers. Service contracts may be available to ensure that issues are caught before they have a chance to spiral into expensive repair projects.

Your Business Still Needs a Printer


Why Your Business Still Needs a Printer

It seems that almost everything in the world has gone digital. From email to cloud sharing, documents and work materials now exist solely as files floating around the Wi-Fi. But we haven’t yet reached the point where business can shift to a completely digital world. Printers are still a staple of small businesses because they offer a ton of great benefits.

The Power of Making Your Own Marketing Materials

One reason your small business still needs a printer is that it can help you save money on marketing materials. With the right printer, you can create your own marketing materials. If you often run specials or offer discounts, you can print out your own mailing flyers or coupons. You can even design and print banners and posters. Real world marketing materials can help you bring in customers that you can’t reach in the digital world.

Hard Copies Can Save the Day

Another reason to invest in a printer is that having hard copies of documents can save the day. Cloud computing and services aren’t as reliable as you might want them to be. And that means when a network goes down, you lose access to documents you may need. Of course, you don’t have to print out every document that your business creates. But for really important documents, including those with original signatures or contracts, having a hard copy backup can be of the utmost importance.

A Multipurpose Machine Is a Cost-Saver

The right printer can actually save you a lot of money, which is especially important for a small business. A multipurpose machine is able to serve many different functions, including copying, faxing, emailing, and scanning. That means you can directly scan a document into your printer and email it right from the machine itself. Just imagine how much time and frustration that can save you! When you’re in need of printer services in Las Vegas, we can help you decide on the right printer for your business needs and then help you keep that printer up and running.

How to Properly Store and Use Paper for Your Copy Machine


Storing Paper Properly Will Prevent Repairs Later

The last thing we oftentimes think about whenever we end up using paper is how we store it. Unfortunately, many paper jams are caused by this one trick that people seem to neglect often. Let’s take a look at how to properly store paper and utilize it properly.

Storing at the Right Temperature

Humidity plays a massive part in your copy machine ends up printing. Paper can end up absorbing moisture and will expand larger than its normal size due to humidity. This is why it is important to store your printer paper in a generally cool and dry environment before you load them into your copier. Exposure to too much humidity can cause them to warp and may lead to paper jams in your copy machine.

Low Humidity Can Also Affect Paper Too

Unfortunately, there are problems that can be caused by low humidity as well. The quality of the paper can become warped and warp if it is placed in the warm process of a copy machine. The edges can end up becoming tighter and result in misregistering in your copy machine. You can also expect your paper to wrinkle and potentially produce static electricity that can build up and affect your copy machine. You want to store your office paper in a climate controlled facility to prevent these two conditions from occurring. You will need to experiment with the right temperature depending on your climate. Fortunately, finding the right temperature can save you a headache in the future.

Not All Paper Is Created Equal

The quality of the paper that you purchase is an incredibly important aspect that people should consider. A poor quality paper will end up becoming warped in the conditions that we have mentioned before. Higher quality paper is not as affected by humidity and other weather-like conditions. Unfortunately, using cheap paper could end up causing you to seek copier repairs in Las Vegas. Utilize this guide to help you find the right kind of paper that you should use for your machine.

How to Keep Your Copier and Printer Lasting Longer


How to Improve the Life Cycle of Your Copier and Printer

People are constantly using their copy machine at work. Dozens of documents are printed and copied each day to ensure the smooth flow of production in the office. Like any machine, your copy machine can eventually break down from overuse. This can lead you to utilize local managed print services in Las Vegas whenever this happens. However, there are techniques that you can follow to help improve the lifespan of your copy machine.

Cleaning the Inside of the Machine

Many people forget to perform this relatively easy technique during their busy day at work. However, regularly cleaning your copy machine can help prevent it from breaking down in the future. Take some time out of your day to look for debris, dust, and other unwanted materials that can be found inside of your copy machine. These small pieces can jam and cause it to malfunction in the future. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way with your copy machine.

Replacing Your Ink Cartridge Early

People normally wait until the ink cartridge is completely empty before they decide to change it. Unfortunately, this can cause some serious wear to your printer head. Make sure that you keep regular track of the amount of ink that is in the cartridge and replace it before it gets low. You should aim to replace the cartridge whenever it is at 20% capacity. This will prevent additional damage to your machine in the long run.

Keeping Your Machine Running Longer

While repairs have to happen eventually for all machines, you want to ensure that your copier lasts as long as possible. You don’t want to risk disruptions in your workday due to the fact that the copy machine becomes damaged. Fortunately, the tips that we have provided will help you accomplish this and keep it running longer. Be sure to follow these simple tips regularly to improve your copy machine’s life cycle.

How to Make the Perfect Photocopies

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Tips for Getting the Perfect Photocopies

Oftentimes, when you make photocopies, you’ll notice things like your prints being off-center, text being too small, stray ink, or blurriness. With these tips, you can make your photocopies crisp, clear, and better than ever.

Preparing Your Original Documents

The first step to great photocopies is great originals. Make sure that your original documents are clear and clean. Be sure to remove things like staples or paperclips. Try and smooth out your documents as best as possible, and make sure to check that the corners of your paper are lined up with the corners of the copier’s glass.

Use Your Copier’s Settings

When you’re making copies, keep in mind that your machine has different settings for different document types and sizes. Make sure to select the correct paper size. Adjust your contrast to make your text more readable. Many machines also have setting for zooming, so you can ensure that your text and images fit on your paper.

Caring for your Machine

Cleaning your machine regularly is important to ensure you don’t end up with any stray marks on your copies. Consider investing in a copier vacuum to take care of stray ink or toner. Use compressed air to clean out dust and particles, and be sure to wipe down the glass screen with glass cleaner.

Copy Machine Repair and Maintenance

In order to keep your copy machine working properly, make sure to schedule regular maintenance. When your machine gives you problems, contact a professional for copy machine repair in Las Vegas.