Printer Driver Optimization Can Make a Big Difference


Getting the Most Out of Your Printer Drivers

Often, copier repairs in Las Vegas are completely avoidable. Technicians are frequently called out for what is not actually a hardware issue but a problem with firmware, a device driver or other software.

The Firmware

Firmware is software that is specific to your printer regardless of which platforms and devices with which it communicates. This is actually the software that controls the printer and dictates how it behaves. Although manufacturers will often package the firmware and driver together, they are distinct and must often be updated separately. Additionally, firmware must often be installed via a separate update tool. Note that updating your firmware as soon as an update is available is important because these updates often close security vulnerabilities that cannot be closed via the driver.

The Driver

The device driver—or specifically in this case the printer driver—is platform-specific rather than hardware-specific. If you have a Windows 10 workstation, then you would have a Windows 10 printer driver installed. It facilitates communication between the operating system and the printer via the firmware. An updated driver is essential to ensure that all printer capabilities are exposed and that the machine is operating optimally in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Brand and Model Matters

While platforms like Windows will often be able to use generic device drivers, this should be avoided. Locate the most recently released driver for your specific machine. This will often be available on the manufacturer website, and the download will often be OS version/edition specific.

Optimize and Maintain the Configuration

Your printer driver has settings that should be optimized for your usage environment. If the configuration is optimized, it can lead to inefficiencies and even problems that result in copier repair calls. When updating the firmware and driver, not manufacturer warnings about the potential for wiped settings. There is often an option to back them up so that they can be restored later.

Enhancing Security Through Managed Print Services


Four Ways Businesses are Integrating Managed Print for Better Security

Managed print services in Las Vegas help businesses save time and money. MPS lowers fixed costs, reduces waste and avoids downtime due to equipment failures and supply shortages. It also improves businesses in terms of data and document security and supports the scalable systems that rely on them.

Scalable Complexity

Success in the business world is measured in growth. As a company grows, its data security concerns become much more complex. Managed print implements and facilitates document and data security at a fundamental level. No matter how large in size and scope the systems that rely on MPS become, it delivers that same security. That allows the small business to rely on it now and continue to depend on it as it becomes a mid-sized organization and beyond.

Permissions at the Hardware Level

Printers used to present a huge security risk. Imagine an employee with high security access printing out sensitive documents to a machine in an open office space where employees, vendors and others without proper privileges had access. In a managed print environment, this is no longer a concern for a variety of reasons, including print jobs being locked until permission is granted at the device.

Technological Currency

MPS providers help their clients to remain current in terms of the hardware and software that is available. More importantly, these agreements allow businesses to upgrade in the near-term rather than wait because they want to maximize an investment in equipment that they own or lease.

Regulations and Adherence to Standards

Another potential security risk that businesses face comes when doing business with regulated or government organizations that have stricter data handling requirements. Through managed print, software can be configured to enforce these standards. This is invaluable in environments, for instance, where employees may handle documents one way most of the time but have to handle another way for a specific client who is regulated.

Ideas for Inexpensive Small Business Marketing and Advertising


Small Business Owners: Stretch Your Advertising Budget with Smart Ideas

If you’re a small business owner, then you already know that you’re going to be in the position to spend far more money than you earn when you first launch. But many small business owners face the quandary of what to do when you need to save money, but you can’t generate revenue without advertising and marketing. The answer lies in finding cost-effective ways to get the word out about your business, including in-house photocopying. You can keep a small business copier in good working order, and save money in the long run, by using professionals who docopy machine repair in Las Vegas to keep yours serviced. Consider these other tips for small business and do-it-yourself advertising.

Shore up your social media presence

Social media platforms are so commonly used for professional marketing purposes these days that it’s easy to forget that social platforms were originally meant for personal connections. As a result, using these platforms doesn’t cost you anything, so they help provide cheap marketing for your brand. Tempting as it might be, resist the urge to pay for social media advertising spots. Stick to using tried-and-true free methods of connecting with your audience. Post great looking photos and videos. Share links to informative articles and post links to your business blog.

Make your own marketing media

Plug in a Google search, and you’ll find a plethora of companies who offer print and media marketing services. While many of them do a great job of creating print materials for marketing and advertising purposes, it’s cheaper for you to make your own print media. For example, remember the good old-fashioned flyer? It’s still useful, and in fact, you can make flyers on your personal computer or laptop. After creating your original flyer, simply make copies of them on your copier. Finally, hire a grassroots street team to hand out your flyers at assigned locations around the city.

Do it yourself for as long as possible

Although investing in a professional copier machine might cause sticker shock at first, you’ll save money in the long run because you’ll be in control of how much money you spend on paper, ink, and related supplies instead of spending it on the services of print shops. What’s more, you can take the sting out of the purchase pain by buying a refurbished copier and using cost-efficient service professionals to save even more money.

Common Copier Problems That Require Professional Maintenance


Common Copier Problems That Require Professional Maintenance

You probably learned how to clear a paper jam from the copier your first week in the office. By the end of the first month, you probably learned how to change the toner. If you call the IT department for everything else though, you’re bugging them with issues not within their realm and causing your copy machine problems to worsen.

While most IT departments stock their staff with loads of computer knowledge, most don’t contain a member with copier training. That means if they attempt to repair a more major problem it can void your warranty. So, how do you know what problem requires you to call a professional and which you can address yourself? Read on because this blog post will explain the common copier problems that really need a pro.

Lines or Spots on the Paper

If your copy features extra lines or streaks that don’t appear on the original, first check the copier’s glass. Clean it well and try to make the copy again. If it still presents streaks or lines, let a professional fix it. It could be dirt or other substances on the mirrors, a malfunction of the developer unit or drum, a malfunction of drum blade or a fuser issue.

Crinkles and Wrinkles on Your Pages

Check the device’s paper trays first. If the trays appear worn, try purchasing replacements. If replacing the trays didn’t fix the issue, call a technician. Worn feed and exit rollers cause crinkly paper, too. Copiers used in high humidity situations exhibit paper wrinkles and so can damage fuser assemblies.

Toner Smears

Sometimes, instead of a line or spot, the entire page smears. If it looks like you cried on it or it got caught in a downpour, the machine probably has a defective toner cartridge, the fuser assembly went bad or toner spilled inside the unit. If changing the toner cartridge does not fix it, you need a technician.

Don’t let copier issues impede your productivity. Call Sunrise Office Systems at (702) 435-9600 for the printer services Las Vegas needs.

Business Expenses To Claim On Your Federal Tax Forms


3 Legal Examples Of Federal Tax Deductions For Business Owners

You might have heard of tax deductions that large corporations constantly try to claim, but did you know that as a small business owner, the same tax codes apply to you? Below are a few examples of tax-deductible expense you should claim in order to save money on your bill to the I.R.S.

Insurance Premiums

As a business owner, you’ll find that you’ll be responsible for obtaining your own insurance policies, and you’ll also be responsible for obtaining several types of insurance. You will need to obtain health insurance for you and your employees, and you’ll need to obtain business liability insurance. You should also purchase a policy to protect your all of your business assets, too.

While all of these insurance premiums will become expensive, here’s the good news: Your insurance premiums are tax-deductible. Check with your accountant regarding the exact figures, but know that your policies are claimable expenses.

Home Office Expenses

Home office business owners might feel that their entity is too small to take advantage of the same tax laws that the big corporations do, but nothing is further from the truth. This means that the work-from-home warrior should keep their receipts for any and all home office expenses because they’ll need to claim these on their taxes.

Office Equipment

Have you purchased operating items such as computers, desks, phones, copiers, etc.? You’ll need to claim all of these. Not only should you claim the costs of all of your initial purchases in a given tax year, but you should keep your receipts related to the maintenance and repair of your office equipment, too.

Keep in mind that even though you can only claim the purchase of equipment such as copiers only once, you can continue to claim copier repairs Las Vegas in subsequent tax years, as long as the repairs are being performed in the given year you’re filing taxes within.